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POF Shrink Tunnel
BSD series heat shrink packaging machine adopts Shi Ying Far Infrared Tube Heating, electronic stepless speed change automatic temperature adjustment, solid state relay control, stable and reliable, low noise, long service life, the packaged product can b
Steam Shrink Tunnel Machine
The steam shrinkable machine is made of imported high-quality stainless steel in both the internal pipeline and the shell, which fully meets the requirements of the food factory.
PE Shrink Tunnel
The conveying sprocket adopts outer gel, which will not burn the package and completely solve the problem of difficult shrinkage at the bottom, this set of equipment is especially suitable for mass shrink packaging in software, printed matter, biscuits, p
Steam Shrink Wrap Machine
The new steam shrinkage furnace is aimed at different and irregular round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles, etc, easy adjustment and maintenance, smooth shrinkage effect, The whole machine shell is made of stainless steel and insulated to save energy
Label Steam Shrink Tunnel
It is suitable for glass bottles, plastic bottles, paper cups and other containers in food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, pesticides and other industries. After labeling, the labels of the bottle body or cup body shrink.
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